Close the Provider Gap

AB 890: Close the Provider Gap

AB 890 was recently passed by the California Legislature with bipartisan support and was signed by Governor Newsom on September 29, 2020. The bill gives California nurse practitioners the ability to practice without physician supervision, a policy that the nurse practitioners have been working toward for nearly a decade. 

Callahan Public Affairs was retained in the fall of 2019 to manage a public affairs campaign in support of AB 890, working in close coordination with the California Association for Nurse Practitioner’s leadership and contract lobbyist. CPA managed many of the day-to-day activities, directing outreach and managing the coalition, developing and distributing messaging and materials, and supporting press and media efforts. In more detail:

Legislative Support

  • Secured coalition partner attendance at meetings with 31 out of 40 Senators
  • Coordinated with coalition partners to send e-mail legislative drops to all Senate and Assembly Chiefs of Staff
  • Drafted email blasts for coalition partners to send to their members requesting letters into the Assembly, Senate and Governor’s Office
    • In combination with CANP’s internal activation, over 4,500 letters were sent in throughout the process

Outreach and Coalition

  • Reached out to over 150 statewide and local organizations
  • Grew the Close the Provider Gap coalition to more than 80 members
  • Drafted quotes in support of AB 890 and worked with coalition partners on approval

Messaging and Materials

  • Developed messaging and materials including, but not limited to:
    • Fact sheets
    • Legislative drops
    • Social media content (text and graphics)
    • Internal communications to client association
    • Campaign updates to coalition
    • Talking points
    • Powerpoints
    • Q and As
  • Secured logos and signatures from over 70 coalition members to include on a NASCAR letter

Digital and Social Media

  • Worked with a web designer to develop Close the Provider Gap website
  • Managed Twitter and Facebook accounts for @YesonAB890
  • Wrote and distributed sample Facebook posts and tweets for coalition and coalition members

Press and Media Support

Please visit the Close the Provider Gap website and the @YesonAB890 Twitter account to see how we engaged the coalition.