No on Prop 10

No on Proposition 10

Proposition 10 was a statewide initiative on California’s November 2018 ballot. The initiative would have opened the door for permanent price caps on what property owners could charge to rent out their properties, including single family homes.

Callahan Public Affairs was hired in early 2018 to be the coalitions director for the statewide campaign. In this role, CPA took the lead on quarterbacking many day-to-day campaign activities. The firm was responsible for managing a team of outreach consultants and volunteers throughout the state, and ensuring the campaign had critical endorsements for paid and earned media. CPA was also responsible for managing the interaction between the earned media team and coalition members, as well as the paid media team and the coalition. CPA was part of the campaign management team that regularly briefed the executive committee and other funders, and was engaged daily with the many moving parts of the multi-million dollar campaign. 

Specific CPA duties included:

  • Outreach and engagement of third-party groups
  • Identifying spokespeople for media
  • Message training over 50 spokespeople statewide
  • Identifying spokespeople for paid advertisements
  • Materials and message development including but not limited to:
    • Fact sheets
    • internal communications to campaign leadership
    • Campaign updates to coalitions
    • Employee communications
    • Talking points
    • Powerpoints
    • Q and As

Proposition 10 was soundly defeated by nearly 60 percent of California voters.